Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hair food : )

Recently I have taken up drinking a pint of soya milk a day. Soya milk helps to stimulate hair growth possibly because of its high protein content. I also take these three supplements that grow healthy hair :

Biotin (300µg) - Biotin is a B-vitamin but is also knows as Vitamin H, it is often thought to be 'the hair growth vitamin'.

Folic Acid (400µg) - Taking Folic Acid will help you grow healthy strong hair and a Folic Acid deficiency can result in hair loss.

Iron (14mg) - An Iron deficiency can result in hair loss and Iron contributes towards healthy hair growth.
Who has had success taking those supplements and drinking soya milk often?


Anonymous said...

Google the vitamin MSM

A. McCalla said...

Wow i didn't know that about iron! maybe my hair is shredding because i've ALWAYS had issues with iron! well back to multivitamins and spinach,thank for the info!!