Saturday, 19 July 2008

Introduction : )

Hiya I'm Sophie, I'm from the south of England and I'm wanting long hair desperately!

I'm making this blog to record my progress of trying to reach my goal of having hair, at minimum 27 inches (this is measured from front of my hair) and sharing what helps hair grow and good hair products.

Currently my hair is 23 inches and I'm finding is quite hard to grow because it is weak and breaks easily due to dying it too much and using heat appliances too often. I have been successfully resisting the temptation of both of those hair sins and moisturising my hair often.

Feel free to share hair information on any of my posts as this will help me on my way to long hair and will help anyone else with the same intentions :D

Sophie x


Product Junkie Diva said...

Enjoy your hair journey!!!
Currently I am using Aveda products, specifically the Damage rememdy and the dry rememdy lines. They make my hair so soft. Yes stay away from heat and color for a while and you should be ok also keep moisturizing your hair.....
Product Junkie Diva

sophiebutterscotch said...

Thank you so much :) I will take a look at the Aveda products in my department store and hopefully pick up a few :D

Sabina said...

Hi, I am from Poland, and I propose to you conditioner hair Henna Treatment WAX:)