Saturday, 19 July 2008

My daily skin,hair and nails supplement : )

Currently I'm taking Holland & Barrett's, Naturally Inspired, Skin, Hair and Nails Formula. You take 3 tablets a day I only did that until recently because i didn't read the directions properly and was only taking one a day lol :P

By taking 3 tablets a day, the vitamins and minerals I am consuming are:

Vitamin A : 1500µg, Vitamin D : 2.49µg, Vitamin E : 10.08mg, Vitamin C : 60mg, Thiamin (Vitamin B1) : 5.01mg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) : 5.01mg, Niacin : 25.02mg, Pantothenic Acid : 15mg, Vitamin B6 : 5.01mg, Vitamin B12 : 8.01µg, Folic Acid : 200.1µg, Biotin : 200.01µg, Calcium : 834mg, Iodine : 112.5µg, Iron : 3mg, Magnesium : 99.9mg, Phosphorus : 330mg, Zinc : 7.5mg, Betaine Hydrochloride : 25.02mg, Choline Bitartrate : 75mg, Citrus Bioflavonoids : 25.02mg, Inositol : 30mg, Magnese 5.01mg, PABA : 25.02mg, RNA : 30mg, Rutin : 12.51mg, Selenium : 12.51µg

Some of the stuff in this supplement I have never heard of before :/ but others I know are very good for hair growth like Biotin. I have noticed a spark in hair growth since I have been taking these, my nails seem to be pretty long too :) I just realised I only have enough tablets left for 3 days ! I may buy these again or research what other vitamin and minerals can spark hair growth, I will report back as soon as i can ;)


Alison said...

I have heard that these Formulas can make you jittery from taking too much Inositol. I bought the same one, and after two or three days, I could tell I was feeling too wired from this formula.

Now, I trust that all the nutrition I need comes directly from the sun. I have turned directly to the source of our nutrition, instead of foods (2nd hand source of light) and meat (3rd hand source of light). I suppose supplements are also akin to a "3rd hand source of light." To learn more about drinking sun-charged water, and sungazing, you can go to The sun is FREE wherever you go, which is the best part of the whole thing. Just practice safe sungazing starting at only 10 seconds per day, and you will have perfect health, and perfect hair!

p.s. - I tried the onion yesterday, and I could feel it was invigorating to my scalp, yet I could also smell the onion all day today too... hmmm. I think the odorless Sun sounds more appealing!

Speaking of odors, has anyone ever tried a garlic concoction directly on the scalp? It seems like a good idea to have two or three days away from civilization if one were to try this one... LOL.


Aimee said...

I tried these about 2 years ago and hated the taste and the smell!

I only took them for about 3 days though and gave up so i wouldnt know if they work or not but holland and barrett are a good store :)

Anonymous said...

Try some Sprirulina and chlorella powder all the minerals and vitamins you could ever need are in them plus they maximise the benefits of MSM = quicker hair growth...