Thursday, 31 July 2008

My monthly hair measure!

I will be measuring my hair at the end of every month to record my progress. The last time I measured my hair was just under a fort night ago but I will still see if there was any growth :)

I hope my measuring is accurate because if it is then my hair has grown 1/2 an inch in 12 days! I have been trying to research on average how much hair grows in a month, I heard an inch a month, then 1/2 an inch and then a quarter so I'm pretty confused about what the average actually is. Anyway I'm not quite sure if I can believe my hair has grown half an inch, but I do know there has been quite rapid growth because I can see my natural hair colour more. I thought I would compare a picture of my hair I took 12 days ago and one I took today :

Excuse my frizzy hair in the photo to the right :P my hair is quite damp in the one to the left, ugh and also excuse my dirty embarrassing lol.


Elizabeth said...

This is such a wonderful place to find information on hair care! I am on the same journey as well [my hair is a little over 12in. and my goal is 26in.] and it helps out so much to know I am not the only one! Long healthy hair is difficult to obtain and would be wonderous to have. Thank you so much for your elabourate tips and findings, and good luck!

sophiebutterscotch said...

Hiya :) im glad to know im not the only one aswell! good luck too ! x

Anonymous said...

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jack said...

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