Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A recipie for long hair!

Just came home from my last day of school and my tummy started growling for food so I thought I would make a nice healthy smoothie! After blending it I realised this smoothie would definatly benefit my hair growth. Here are the ingrediants I used if you are intrested in making one of these tasty hair growing smoothies:

300g of any fruit (I used mangos.)

125g of any flavour youguart (I used a peach youguart.)

100ml of soya milk, sweetend or unsweeted (you may want to add more if you'd like it to be less thick)

2tbp of wheatgerm.

The fruit you use in your smoothie will no doubt contain levels of Vitamin C & E which can contribute to healthy hair growth, Calcium in the youguart also contributers to this. Soy protien from the soya milk is found to stimulate hair growth. In a study into this, hair growth increased by 15%. For the 2tbsp of wheatgerm, it contained 4.5g of protien (which is essentail for improved hair growth), it also contains Vitamin E & Niacin which both stimulate scalp circulation and Zinc which can spark hair growth.

This is my own recipie (not copied from anything) and the drink is served best chilled ;) lol.


Amina said...

sounds yummy!!

Sabina said...

whether such amounts of vitamins can be Hipervitaminosa? I also want to keep my hair grow :D