Sunday, 20 July 2008

Talc saved my hair!

I actually can't beleive I used to do this, and I'm not sure if the damage is permament but basicly untill about a month ago I only conditioned my hair about once a week. I did this even when i dyed my hair so much and straightened it everyday! I should be ashamed, but the reason I did it was because my hair gets greasy very quick and whenever I conditioned it it would get greasy even quicker, even if I just conditioned the ends.
I knew that talc (baby powder) was good for greasy hair but I never really used it, now I swear by it! I conditon my hair so much now, even right in the roots.

After a shower, when my hair has air dyed I put talc in it. You need to do it the right way or you may end up with white hair. Bad times.
I do this everynight so if I do get a bit of a white problem it has hopefully rubbed off on my pillow or my hair oils have soaked it up. Part you hair and sprinkle on small amounts, one section at a time.

My hair never gets as greasy as it used to and sometimes I can even skip a hair wash! :D


Sunshyne said...

I've heard about this! I know it wouldn't work for me since I have very dry hair most of the time :(

sophiebutterscotch said...

There is a product called Batiste Dry Shampoo that you spray into your hair and does the same job as talc. It is lighter and probably better for dry hair, here is a link for it :)

Anonymous said...

You can also use plain old cornstarch for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

I used to do that too but now found out it is very dangerous to breathe- linked with lung cancer.

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