Thursday, 21 August 2008

How to prevent split ends!

I have suddenly got loads of split ends! Its making me so angry! I'm cutting off as many as I can because that is the only cure for split ends, but preventing them is better than a cure so here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Don't brush your hair when its wet, so before you shower brush your hair thoroughly so you don't need to brush it afterwards. Start with brushing the ends of your hair and work your way up, use a wide toothed comb or a natural boar bristle brush.

While your washing your hair try not to bunch it on top of your head, you only need to apply shampoo to the scalp unless you have been applying oil or lots of styling products to your hair.

Don't use heat appliances because this fry's the hair making it weak and can cause split ends and breakage.

Using chemicals on the hair such as dyes, perms or relaxers also weaken which can result in split ends.

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