Monday, 11 August 2008

Australian Organics Shampoo

I was in Holland & Barret and came across Australian Organics Shampoo for dry, colored or chemically treated hair. I took a look at the back, here is what it said:

Especially effective for dry, coloured or chemically treated hair types, this gentle pH balanced shampoo is formulated with soya and wheat proteins, 6 pro vitamins, organic plant extracts, pure essential oils and UV filters. Moisturises and protects as it cleanses and nourishes the hair and scalp. Salon developed and tested to meet and exceed professional standards. A unique formulation that gives your hair exceptionally improved appearance, condition and shine.

Unlike most products, we do not use petrochemical or animal bi-products. Instead of harsh chemicals that can damage your hair, skin and scalp, we utilise herb, flower and other plant derived ingredients. Pure essential oils are used in place of synthetic fragrances, and plant extracts are used instead of synthetic colours.

The 6 pro-vitamins are vitamin A, E, B, B5, F and vitamin H, also known as Biotin. So after scanning through the ingredients, I bought this shampoo for roughly £3.50! I will defiantly be using this until all 350ml has gone, and I might consider buying it again.

It seemed to work pretty well, here is a review on the product that I have found -

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