Friday, 8 August 2008

Cutting your deads ends off makes hair grow faster : true or false?

The answer is false. It is said that cutting your ends off makes your hair grow faster, it can appear to grow faster because if your ends are damaged and split they will probably break very easily. So even if your hair grows fast, if your ends are damaged it will appear not to grow at all. Think of it as your hair growing a centimeter and then a centimeter getting chopped off, not much length then.

I am quite prone to split ends and hated getting my hair cut because the length was getting chopped off but recently I bought my own pair of hair dressing scissors. I recommend this to anyone trying to grow their hair because if you get your ends cut off at a salon they often cut an inch off the end of your hair, well what if your split ends aren't all at the end of your hair? I remember getting my hair trimmed hoping all my split ends would be gone, but I could still find many. Now with my hair dressing scissors I can pin point split ends and snip them off before they start splitting all the way up the hair shaft.

For anyone who plans on cutting their own ends from now on, in case you didn't already know, using the hair dressing scissors is very important so you get a clean cut. If you use your old kitchen scissors you will be more prone to the hair splitting easily because they aren't as sharp as the hair dressing ones. They aren't too expensive either, mine were £7.10p from Boots.

Anyway I hope you are enjoying my blog so far, I have had it for about a month now if there are any suggestion on how to make it better then don't hesitate to drop a comment : D


Rachael said...

Hi. I made the mistake of a pixie cut and now I LONG for long hair (pun not intended). Can you help me come up with some sort of regimin (products, things I should do daily)? you seem to have this pretty figured out. Please email me. my email is thank you so much!

Erica D said...

I was having an issue growing my hair; it never seemed to get any longer. My hair is half way down my back which is rather long but it never got longer and then when I began my healthy hair research and trying better products I realized what the problem was. My hair was dry, and the ends were in bad shape because of all the flat ironing I was doing to straighten my naturally curly hair. So I stopped flat ironing as much as I did, reduced the heat I use when I do flat iron and I did exactly what you did, I bought a pair of hair cutting shears from Sally’s here in Toronto for about $14 dollars in a hair cutting kit and I went to work trimming my split ends and damaged hair. I figured the same thing, the hair dresser only trims the bottom of your hair, but not all your hair is the same length thus many split ends may survive the cut and you will just lose length! I am taking a lot of measures to rejuvenate my hair and I posted a blog dedicated to hair care as well. Pls check it out.