Thursday, 21 August 2008

My deep conditioner : )

Yesterday I was looking at my hair closely and I was annoyed about how weak, damaged and split it has suddenly become and thought I defiantly need a deep conditioner as they penetrate the hair shaft more deeply than normal conditioners, which can restore moisture and protein in the hair. I went to town and looked throughout the hair section for a not too expensive deep conditioner and came across Botanics 3 Minute Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, it contains Rice Bran protein and Grapeseed oil. I like products that contain natural extracts so I bought it :)

Later that night I used it, I didn't time how long it was on for but I think it was longer than three minutes. When my hair was dry it defiantly appeared to be more healthy.

What deep conditioner do you use? As I'm sure this will run out quickly lol ;)


Sunshyne said...

My favourite deep conditioner is Elasta QP DPR-11. I mix this with AtOne Botanical reconstructor. DPR-11 has some amazing natural extracts. I love it.

Addie Elena said...

I like to use aphogee keratin reconstructer. It worked well the first couple times i used it but i think it's time for me to find another conditioner.