Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The damage caused by straightening hair

First of all I would like to apologies for not updating my blog as often as I used to - I'm back at school and I am very busy with all the work :( Now that I am back at school I am more self conscious about the style of my hair so I have been straightening it quite often. To try to prevent me from straightening my hair excessively and to prevent you guys too, I decided to remind myself how damaging straightening is.

Excessive straightening has been scientifically proven to damage the natural protein bonds in hair, which results in split ends, dryness and breakage. The breaking of ends will make hair appear as if it hasn't grown. Once the cuticle has been significantly damaged it cannot be repaired, but you can keep damage to a minimum by taking brilliant care of your hair, especially by regular conditioning. This can help to keep the cuticle intacted, lower friction and reduce static charge, but these problems can still continue to occur if straightening becomes a regular habit.


Songbird B said...

so far this year i've straigntened my hair only 5 times... so i'm really tryna limit myself. the next time i'll straight will be my 1yr hair care anniversary. oct 19. my hair has improve tremendously since i've limited my straigtening.

Aimee said...

I only straighten my hair once a month now. Sometimes not even that much though. It was hard at first but i keep thinking how worth it it will be to get nice long healthy hair.
And that pic looks eww :/
enough to put you off.

Anonymous said...

hi i dont ever straiten my hair and now its down to the back of my knees

Anonymous said...

For the whole summer I avoided any heat on my hair and it grew more than an inch in 6 weeks! I know my hair grows fast now, it just didn't seem like it before because my hair was super damaged!