Monday, 13 October 2008

A big bad hair issue

My identity on my blog is well hidden, that's why I'm not afraid to admit that I am a self harmer. My life is stressful and confusing, as a result I use self harm as a way to cope, only 5 of my close friends know about this issue and I have only been doing it for about 5 months and it has become quite addictive.

The most obvious form of self harm is cutting, which I do but I hate getting fussed and stressed about covering the cuts and scars. Recently I have been pulling out big clumps of my hair, the proper word for this is Trichotillomania
( ), which obviously isn't great for me especially because I'm trying to grow my hair long. Recently I have been doing it more and more. My hair is already quite split but because of me pulling my hair out I am breaking hairs and also I am loosing more hair than the average person would do daily.

I am not posting this for sympathy its just quite therapeutic to write stuff like this especially because self harm is a very private thing to me and sometimes I just feel like shouting it but I'm afraid of what people would think. I'm also posting this to let you know I have a lot of things on my mind at the moment that's why I haven't been working much on my blog.

When I get some spare time I should hopefully be updating my blog,

Sophie x x x x


Nellie D said...

I dabbled in cutting during a really stressful period in life. I hope you are able to find another outlet. I wish you peace and blessings.

boo! coco said...

alot of the time it's better to just get it out there minus the fear of judgment from those closest to you. hopefully you find another outlet for your anguish.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel kinda. I've been telling everybody that I'm recovering from an eating disorder. But the truth is I haven't. I relapsed awhile back and have been that way ever since. So don't feel bad. We all have our issues.

Anonymous said...

I understand.


Ps. I love your blog and I'm sorry you have so many troubles x

Anonymous said...

Oh Sophie dear, what's a great girl such as yourself doing harming yourself like that? This to me indicates that there are a lot of complexities going on in your life right now, each overlapping the other. Probably, your holding on to a lot of bagage from your childhood to this day. I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to have someone to vent your feelings to and someone who will help you figure out the source of your pain, and help you understand it, and cope with it. I'd suggest going to see a psychologist or a counselor who will help you deal with life :).

Anonymous said...

Everyone please remember GOD and pray! PRAY away your troubles,

Anonymous said...

Jesus is the only one who can help you and deliver you from all your fears, heal the brokenhearted and make all things new. "No weapon formed against me shall prosper"...even the weapon of self-harm.

Anonymous said...

I understand, as I too have trichotillomania. It is really bad right now. Going to Mexico in 5 weeks and have huge bald areas I have to hide by applying stuff on my head to cover, and live in bandanas and hats. I am gonna try that monistat to see if I can grow in the bald areas before I go to Mexico. Hope u are doing okay? Take care, and join some trichotillomania support sites if yuo haven't already.