Saturday, 14 March 2009

Camellia Oil

I would absolutely love to purchase this oil, I have searched all over the Internet to find a brand that will ship to the UK but so far I haven't been successful :( Camellia Oil is extracted from the Camellia Japonica plant. You can identify Camellia Oil in the ingredients of a product as it is written as Camellia Japonica. This rich oil is most traditionally used as a hair smoothing and conditioning oil and also encourages a healthy scalp, encourages hair growth and gives outstanding conditioning. Camellia Oil is most suitable for very dry or coarse hair and is very good at looking after chemically treated hair. The oil is extremely high in vitamin E and Oleic acid. Camellia Oil also helps to counteract the affects of hard water (which is good for me as I live in a hard water area!)

Camellia Oil is famous for helping to grow and look after the hair of the women of Oshima island, there are photographs of these women standing on chairs with their hair reaching the floor. The women reported to have the most beautiful hair live in the Japanese island of Oshima.
Although I have been trying to get hold of 100% Camellia Oil I have found a few products that have it as an ingredient -
Aubrey Organics, White Camellia and Jasmine Shine Conditioner Spray ( )
Lush, Godiva (solid shampoo)
Lush, Hard (solid shampoo)
And for you lucky people living in the US, here are some 100% pure Camellia Oil products -
Atopico Skin Care Oil, 100% Camellia Japonica Seed Extract
Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil
So I finally found some Camellia Oil that ships to the UK -


Anonymous said...

you can buy pure Camellia Oil on Anita Grant's website, I haven't tried it but apparently it's high quality.

Anonymous said...

p.s. she's based in the UK

Anonymous said...

You can get it from Cranberry Lane LTD in Canada and I believe they ship to the UK

Aisha said...

You can buy oshima tsubaki pure camellia oil from It's from japan and is excellent. Most women on the island of oshima have hair to the floor

Golden Silk Oil said...

Golden Silk is 100% natural Camellia Oil available from many health food shops and pharmacies or from said...

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