Saturday, 21 March 2009

Get to know your hair better

Recently I have been confused about what my hair actually needs, not what I think it needs. Having a balance between protein and moisture can help us all to get to know our hair a bit better.

Protein and moisture have a unique relationship, you can't have one without the other. Too much of one and your hair will become brittle, too much of the other and hair will become very dry. They work together to keep your hair healthy. Hair with the right amount of protein absorbs moisture well because water molecules (a moisturiser) bind easily to the protein structure in the hair.

So how do you know weather your hair needs protein or moisture? - Take a good look at your wet hair, especially when touching or combing.

If your hair...

-Stretches slightly and returns to it's original length without breaking, you are balanced. Stick to maintaining the balance.
-Stretches a little more than normal then breaks, you need more protein in your regimen.
-Keeps stretching with no significant breakage, add a bit more protein to your regimen.
-Feels weak, gummy, mushy or limp, you need to add more protein to your regimen.
-Experiences very little or no stretching, and simply snaps or breaks, you need to add more moisture to your regimen.

If your still not sure, add a little more moisture as too much protein in hair causes it to lack elasticity and will break very easily. Too much moisture in the hair will cause it to feel very elastic or overly soft, when combing it will always stretch lots until it breaks.

By scanning through the ingredients of a hair product you will easily be able to spot whether it contains protein or moisture. A moisturising product shouldn't contain any protein (e.g. hydrolyzed wheat protein or hydrolyzed soy protein) therefor a protein product will contain proteins. To help keep the hair moisturised you need to seal with a small amount of oil afterwards, make sure it is afterwards or you may end up sealing out moisture.

I hope this has been helpful, my information source was this article - ( )
Take a look for some more information about balancing protein and moisture.

Mayonnaise can applied to hair for protein, Glycerin can be diluted and applied to hair for moisture.


Cassandra said...

Actually, hair just wants to be left pretty much alone. It's dead. It's fragile. It is optimally moisturized by naturally produced sebum, so...don't wash it too often! Let it be. Heat will dry it and damages the keratin bonds it is formed from. Sulphates, which are a prevalent ingredient in most shampoos, simply strip off all the oil, leaving your hair 'squeaky clean', and then in need of moisture. If sulphates aren't used - hair will naturally retain a light coating of sebum and retain it's texture and structural integrity. And silicones? These make hair look shiny, sure, but they coat the surface, making it smooth and seemingly reflective, and prevent the sebum from properly coating it. Using hair products means you will need more hair products.
Stop using sulphates. Stop using heat. Do not ever treat your hair roughly - harsh or rough treatment damages it and it will show. Don't tease/backcomb it. Just leave it alone and it will find its own balance. If it's long and the ends are dry - organic coconut oil will actually absorb into the hair. Only coconut oil has matching size molecules and a natural affinity that allow it to do this.'s simple really! Don't let the beauty industry trick you into doing things that damage your hair simply so you need to do and buy more things to rectify the damage. Let your hair be. Enjoy.

Cassandra said...

Oh, and eat well! Eat a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. Your hair DOES need protein to grown and be strong. Dietary protein. Put the eggs in your tummy not on your head!