Sunday, 15 March 2009

The products I want and need :D

Im becoming a product junkie, I have lots of hair products already and I want more! Here are some products that I would love to own. I will also tell you a little bit about them. Let me know if you have used any of before :)

Aubrey Organics - White Camellia & Jasmine Shine Conditioner, 2 fl oz spray - Contains Aloe Vera, Camellia Oil & Vitamins A, C & E.

Godiva Solid Shampoo by LUSH (solid shampoo) - It's second ingredient is cocoa butter, contains a wide variety of essential oils and is described as being a shampoo and conditioner.

Lush, Hard (solid shampoo) - Contains Camellia Oil and is designed for people living in hard water areas.

Mane 'n Tail Conditioner 32 oz. - To be used as a protein treatment.

Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Conditioner 16oz - Claims that it's deep-moisture complex penetrates hair to deliver lasting, intense moisture, powered by buriti oil, pomegranite and palm-derived conditioners.

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Hair Lotion 8.5 oz. (Case of 6) - I have used a deep conditioner from this line before and it was great! Im hoping this will work just as good.

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 300ml - I have used this before but unfortunatly I ran out, I absolutly loved it.

Thicker Fuller Hair Weightless Conditioner - 12 fl oz - I have also used this product before and I thought it worked well with my hair. It contains lots of natural extracts, Im definatly going to try to get hold of some more.


Product Junkie Diva said...

I liek the aveda try rememdy treatment, very nice.

Doka Dotty Wine said...

I used to have the Olive Oil Hair Lotion. If you liked their deep condish (which was great at first for me, then as I had new growth, was less affective), you will love this product. This product works for me, but I now prefer to use natural products because they moisturise me better and are healthier for me.

I still use this lotion when I wear braids or weaves.

Chrissystina said...
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Chrissystina said...

Ooh, I want to try the Lush, Hard because I just moved into a really cute historic building, but the water is h-a-r-d. Where can I purchase this product?

Funki Fi said...

Aussie 3 minute Miracle is fab for heat/chemically abused hair - persevere with the Holland n Barrett Hair skin & Nails formula and don't consume excess alcohol (that's a killer of hair skin and nails) xXx hope you good xXx

Anonymous said...

wow, I got so many information from your blog. Thanks! I love my hair very much and try nearly every brand of shampoo but never find that is suitable. Dove, I'm regret to use because it cause my hair fall constantly until now.

Stephanie said...

I googled "growing longer hair" to get tips and tricks for promoting hair growth. I have been trying to grow my hair for the past several years and I have finally gotten the last inch of damage cut off so now I can really focus on the growth part. Right now it falls just a few inches past my shoulders but my goal is to get it close to my lower back. I have to say this has been the most informative collection of information I have across! Thanks for sharing all of your hair growth pointers. I will add a few to my own regimen which currently only consists of biotin & gelatin supplements, coconut oil, and bi-monthly trims. Please update when you can as I will be continuing to follow up on your blog!