Sunday, 29 March 2009

Stupid stupid hairdresser!

So I got my hair cut yesterday, I mostly wanted the layers quite choppy so I could get rid of some of my bleached hair and a choppy fringe. I asked for one cm off the hairdresser asked if she could do an inch as it would blend in more with my chosen style, or whatever, maybe she just wanted to chop lots of my hair off which she did! My hair is now about an inch past my shoulders. I'm so angry but when I think about it in a different light, I feel this is a fresh hair start as my most damaged hair is gone. I'm planning out a new regimen with some of my new products which I will post on here when I sort it out. Im not going to post a photo of my hair length yet as Im still quite upset :(
Sophie xx


Danae said...

That sucks! But yeah, your hair has a fresh start!

latoya said...

why didnt u just get extensions

Amena Hasan said...

omg me too! I just got my hair cut and its about the same length too, i know how you feel.