Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hello all !

I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages. My hair is shorter than ever but I love it! I'm just focusing on the health of my hair which I feel is more important than trying to grow it right now . I'm really skint right (as you can tell from the increase in adverts!) so I don't have much time on my hands.

A lot of you have asked about Daktarin. I applied it to my scalp using an old hair dye bottle (with the nozzle so you can direct it at the scalp) I mixed roughly 2/3 Daktarin and 1/3 water, shoot it up and squeezed it onto my scalp. I don't use it anymore but when I did, it worked extremely well! I bought it in a pharmacy or drug store in the US. Daktarin is just the brand, any cream containing Miconazole Nitrate will speed growth.

I will try to update more and add photos, product reviews etc. You can ask any questions on this post and I will try to get them answered. Take care everyone!

Sophie xx


ashton*elizabeth said...

hello sophie! i just wanted to tell you i love your blog! it's helped me out on my own hair journey [i've been on since last year]. my hair used to be just down my back, but it was black. i wanted it blonde again [my natural hair colour]. so the chems ruined quite a few inches, so i wacked it off. i hated it. i've only done it last month though, and it has grown an inch so far! i'm very excited to hear of this miconazole nitrate, as i was using coconut oil anything on my scalp [no mineral oil!] and a lavender/jojoba oil mix [1 teaspoon jojoba oil and 2 lavender drops, massage on scalp]. as far as health goes, it's wonderful, so the cutting part is the most difficult because it is the most beneficial. thank you so much for posting this! i can't wait for it to be long again, but healthy. best wishes on your journey!

J said...

how do you actually use it? i bought some recently and havent tried it yet due to the fact that purely i dont know what to do. Did you leave it on overnight? Help me please :)

Anonymous said...

just squeeze little bits at a time into you palm, and massage it nto your scalp using circular motions until you can feel that there is a substance all over your scalp. leave it in overnight, but do not work it through your hair, because it is drying. i love it, and its definatly worth the shedding and headaches!

Anonymous said...

LOL! i have two tubes of daktarin for exma i used to have so that's good!
how long do you leave it on for? x

Caroline said...

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